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January 22, 2016

Pure Barre | 1 Week Review

Madison Wisconsin Pure Barre

I walked by the studio countless amounts of times at Hilldale. Always eyeing and thinking about diving into Pure Barre. I had heard nothing but fabulous things but was terrified of it. I heard it was hard, like really hard. This article makes me laugh & it’s so true (Warning: Crude language!).. So last week I finally hit “purchase” on their new client special and oh my lanta, I’m glad I did.

I’m a week & 6 classes in at this point (I’m actually writing this 5 days & 4 classes in. That’s how much I want to talk about it).. You guys, I wish I would have done this months ago. I’m obsessed. Now don’t get me wrong, my body aches, my butt hurts, when I cough/sneeze it feels like my ribs are going to pop out.. But all in the best stinking way possible. 

Here are my top 5 favorite things about Pure Barre so far! 

  1. No Shoes: I hate shoes, they’re uncomfortable, constricting, and sometimes make me claustrophobic (for someone who isn’t claustrophobic). So working out in sticky socks has been awesome! 
  2. The instructors are so helpful, uplifting, in the most energy boosting way. They make their way around and help correct form but not in a way that makes you feel silly or stupid. This seriously means so much to me and a new Pure Barre junky. I obviously have no idea what I’m doing. 
  3. They aren’t kidding that it’s the fastest 55 minutes of your life. I wore my Apple Watch the first couple of times and then ditched it. Holy cow, without the watch? I can’t believe that the class is already over when it is.
  4. You sweat and ache but it makes you feel empowered, graceful, and poise. 
  5. If you’re a former dancer (like myself, you’ll love it) – You don’t need any dance experience but it hits that nerve (much like zumba) and satisfies that part of me that is no longer constant in my lifestyle.

I plan on checking in every so often on the blog! To hold myself accountable! I also took “before” photos so we’ll see if I ever share those or not.. Chances are if I get a six pack I will but, cheeseburgers. So probably not. 

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