December 15, 2016

Carnival Breeze | December 2016 Vacation | Personal


If you’ve never been on a cruise, it’s truly hard to put into prospective just how big the ships are. I know a lot of people are often nervous about them in fear of feeling trapped, or stuck but honestly.. With someone who hates both of those feelings I never once have felt that way. They’re truly massive, and beautiful, and wonderful.. But I mean, I may or may not spend my week dreaming about Poseidon & wondering just exactly how they float. & the fact that you go over parts of the Gulf which are 13 THOUSAND feet deep. No biggie. 

It’s safe to say I’m no stranger with cruising. I’ve blogged about it here, herehere (awkward turtle with that one), & here. Holy macaroni. You can tell what my vacation of choice is! HA! Last week my momma and I decided to sail out of Galveston, Texas! The ports of call being Key West, FL (first timer!), Freeport, Bahamas & Nassau, Bahamas! 

We also may or may not have pit stopped in…. WACO, TEXAS!! Chip & Jojo fans unite! Magnolia Market is just as beautiful as it’s portrayed. It was raining when we arrived in Texas so we were able to wander around the property and snap photos since everyone was hiding inside. Us Midwestern girls put on the raincoats and soaked up the prettiness anyway! By the time we got out of the cute shop, the rain had stopped & the lawn was full of people! From the food trucks, cupcake shop, and home decor.. I could have easily dropped 5K. Everything is so beautifully curated (absolutely no surprise!)! Obsessed… & no, no sitings of the power relationship goal couple! Tear. 

Key West, Florida. – First timer and the port I was most excited about. It wasn’t exactly what I was envisioning and honestly, I was a bit let down (disappointed is too harsh). Now, before you go “WHAT! HOW?!”, my brain was prepped for sandy boardwalks, calm seaside roads, and quaint houses without cars parked out front (thinking more Outer Banks-ish). I still loved it, but for different reasons. My mom and I opted for a moped adventure which was the best 3 hour & $25 experience ever. SO fun to beepbop around town and watch my mom nervously practice in the parking lot. If you like your cocktails, then this would be your kinda town! It’s like the Florida version of New Orleans!

Freeport & Nassau – I’m going to rope these two into the same blurb. I’ve been to both Nassau & Freeport and not much has changed! Freeport has a bit of room for improvement BUT I’m truly on a cruise for the ship.. Not the ports! I’m sure Freeport has a lot to offer beyond it’s cruise approved area but with it being just my mom and I.. We didn’t wander far! 🙂 Nassau is quite pretty. They have good shopping with some quaint local vendors but also big names like Gucci and Rolex. 

I had to throw Leigh (our cruise director) in here.. He was SO GOOD (& I may or may not have stared at him all week when I was given the opportunity! HA!).

We were on deck one. ONE. Ah. That was a first for me. We had a port hole room at the bow which was wonderful. I do prefer the back of the ship (more rumbles and vibration back there) & a little less walls sounding like they’re coming down from waves. But being that close to the water was super super cool. Especially seeing mist from waves splash up! 

I also took a time lapse video walking the full length of the ship on our deck! I kinda love it! 

It seriously was such a good week.. Hoping to get on the Carnival Vista next January!! <3 <3