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May 16, 2016

Tessa & Kyle | Beckman Mill Engagement Session

The location you pick for your engagement session can really enhance the overall feel and look of your images.. I’ve shot in a lot of locations in a lot of different light and I have to say, Beckman Mill Park is my top 5 favorite locations I’ve ever shot at.

I’ve seriously typed/re-typed this paragraph 5 times. Each time just not doing it justice or saying what’s on my heart. Tessa & Kyle.. I’m truly without words for how much I love these images. They’re radiant, joyful, full of love.. & it isn’t because of my shooting or editing.. It’s simply because of your relationship and love for each other. 

High school sweethearts always make me smile. Kyle was 15 & Tessa was 16 when they first met. They have grown up together, intertwining their lives in the process creating a solid foundation for their relationship.. This pair is a good one & our time together was one I will always remember. 

You two seriously rocked this. I’m truly speechless with these images. I really wanted to leave this whole thing blank for them to speak for themselves. I truly hope you love them as much as I do! See you in SEPTEMBER!  

Are you kidding me?! One of my favorites. There is just something about the way the sun is hitting them. 

Oh I just love your laugh in this one Tessa! You laugh at that rock, girl! 😉 


Another favorite. How amazing is this tandem bike they brought?! They opened the trunk and I about died! So perfect! 

Get ready for some GLOW. 

Another favorite! Swoon.