June 28, 2016

Danielle & Dustin | A Downtown Madison, Wisconsin Summer Engagement Session


We wandered the Monona Terrace. Basking in the sunshine and soaking up (them, not me!) some snuggles and smooches. These two are joyful. Brides that let their radiant smile fly are amazing. Danielle is that, and then some. These two are unbelievably charismatic.

I’m at a loss for words as to explain our evening together.. So today, I’m going to let the photos & my side commentary do the talking. I heart these two big time, and seriously can’t wait for their wedding day! 

Much love you two!! 

The start of the infectious smiles! Here we gooooo! Should we count them?!  

I think we’re at four so far! The result of a, “You’re getting married!!!” squeal from me! 


Especially love the one on the right! Work it, Dustin!! 

Could her hair be anymore luscious?! So jealous of your locks, lady!!