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Portrait Session

June 9, 2016

Alyssa & Ryan | A Delafield, WI Fish Hatchery Anniversary Session

“Conversation just came easy” is how Alyssa described the first time they met. As we walked the board walk they told me their story. While at a house party, Ryan’s friend had his eyes set on a different girl for Ryan. But then he saw Alyssa. I chimed in saying, “you looked at each other and just knew” (as that’s how all romantic meet cutes go) & sure enough, that’s exactly how it was. 

Alyssa & Ryan celebrated their 1 year anniversary that night. I am not sure I’ve seen a husband smile as big to hug his wife as Ryan was (& you’ll see what I mean by these images) – As a hopeful romantic I am always so overjoyed to see true love. To see it unfold in front of me in embraces, slow kisses, and the happiness that reaches from cheeks to eyes. It’s that light and life that shines through the eyes that makes me believe true love does exist.

Alyssa & Ryan so happen to also be photographers! I was so so excited (& nervous) when her email came through. It’s totally flattering to work with another photographer but definitely puts a tad of the pressure on (which I kind of love!) – So be sure to check them out at Prism Photography