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January 18, 2018

Twenty Confessions of the Self Employed | Personal & Business Post

Holy macaroni, it’s been exactly two years & three months since I left my teaching job. If you’re new around here, I taught preschool while building my business. Dreaming of the day that I could work from my couch & only have to answer to myself. It was something that I pushed for, worked for, and finally made the leap. Don’t get me wrong it was TERRIFYING but having the numbers crunched and knowing everything up front helped immensely. 

Anyway, over the course of the last couple of years, I’ve learned a thing or two about being self employed. It’s quite a riveting lifestyle if you ask me 😉

  1. Your pajamas get more use then your normal clothes… & in all actuality, those normal clothes have a little bit of dust build up on them. 
  2. Athleisure clothing is considered investment pieces. Yes, these yoga pants hold their value. No, I don’t plan on wearing them out of the house. 
  3. Testing your contact form results in excitement when your phone bings… Only to realize it’s you.
  4. Your candle consumerism is off the charts. 
  5. Sunday nights STILL consist of a little dance knowing that Monday dread doesn’t exist.
  6. You, for sure, get your monies worth out of your Hulu & pandora account.
  7. I would have added Netflix to number six but I’m a parasite on my parents account. Thanks, ma.
  8. Mascara ends up getting tossed because it dried up, not because of usage.
  9. Apartment complex neighbors probably think you’re a total bum. Pretty sure only like 2 have seen me in real clothes.. JK they think I live with my parents. One guy asked me that once.
  10. You get to work out at awkward times of the day. 2:45 at the gym? She empty.
  11. Number 10 also correlates with running errands at awkward times during the week to avoid crowds. Target at 9:45PM is WAY more enjoyable then at 5:30PM. 
  12. FACT: working from the couch will make you feel like chewed bubblegum. Not recommended.
  13. Your dog will develop separation anxiety. Spending all day everyday together will have them real concerned when you leave.
  14. Your casa will always be clean because what else is there to do when procrastinating paying those quarterly taxes?
  15. You’ll head to a coffee shop to work. Swear it’s a “must do” on a weekly basis but then won’t visit a coffee shop for another 2 months. 
  16. Your apartment complex plows your car in when it snows since you don’t leave with the normal crowd Monday-Friday.
  17. Naps happen. Often.
  18. You’ll get in a great work streak & then won’t eat lunch till 2:30 because you lost track of time.
  19. Face masks and social media planning? YUPP.
  20. Sleeping in till 9:30AM every morning fits your body best.. But that means you work till 10PM regularly.

I constantly joke with people that by being self employed I don’t do anything… & then I worry that people really do think I don’t do anything. Being self employed has been my favorite season of life so far. It fits my personality and lifestyle to a T. Although I do sometimes miss having conversations from across the hall with my good friend, Trisha.. BUT I don’t miss being sick all the time so there’s that 😉