November 28, 2017

Liz & Tim | A Classic Late Autumn Engagement Session at the Memorial Union


We passed each other shortly before their session. With sunglasses on, I awkwardly smiled and stared at them as I walked by. Too nervous to mutter a, “pretty sure I’m your tog” (because what if I was wrong, SO WEIRD) but 99% certain that no one else would be walking around a closed Memorial Union with a shopping bag (that held a change of clothes). When we scheduled their session we excitedly decided on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. That morning, I slightly panicked thinking downtown would be crazy. A big badger game that was fortunately away but still big & a hockey game at home. Working in Madison is always beautiful but can be a tad crazy with those red-soaked crowds.

When I arrived at the union it was a ghost town. Due to the holiday weekend, the terrace was closed. Which, was honestly such a dream. We had the run of the iconic locations and a good amount of privacy. Spending the evening with these two was full of giggles and I’m so unbelievably excited to shoot their wedding next year. 

Meet Liz & Tim. You’re going to like them real lots. I promise.