February 16, 2017

26 things I want to do before 27! | PERSONAL


I’m not a big birthday person. Getting older isn’t something I get super dee duper excited about. I’m not a birthday party person, or the girl that wears the sash and b-day crown. It’s just another day in my world.. BUT today is my birthday. I’ve never really enjoyed being a February baby. No one really enjoys this month.. Being the tail end of winter, everyone’s sick of the cold, anxious to get outside, and then there is the whole short month debacle (didn’t I JUST pay my rent?!)

Ever since I was a kid, my mom would call me in sick to school for the day. We’d go shopping, out for lunch/dinner, and spend the day together. I’m actually not sure if I ever went to school on my birthday but it’s one of my fondest memories. So as you’re reading this, we’re currently shopping in the Chicago-land area. Spending the day at ikea, hitting up the Lululemon outlet, and going to beef-a-roo for lunch in Rockford.. YUM. 

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of some things that I’ve wanted to do.. & I figured what better day to list them out today in hopes of completing them by next year!

  1. go on a vacation alone: set to be crossed off this May! super pumped.
  2. drive-thru pay it forward!
  3. pay off my student loans. boo.
  4. buy a bed: my bedroom looks like a bachelor pad (contrary to the rest of my apt).
  5. donate more clothing. 
  6. join the big brother/big sister program. 
  7. get outside and run/walk/bike/hike more 
  8. read more books. 
  9. start setting aside more money for a house/condo.
  10. figure out ways to expand my business. mentoring? video blogs? yikes. 
  11. slow down. more editing oriented. 
  12. get updated head shots.
  13. stop stressing over small things like instagram followers, or blog hits.
  14. get a library card. 
  15. spend more time/researching hand lettering. 
  16. be more confident in my off camera flash system. 
  17. write more. 
  18. cut social media time down.
  19. cook more. learn to appreciate it.
  20. keep convincing myself to like vegetables. 
  21. keep up on accounting/inputing better. 
  22. stop. buying. pens. 
  23. ski more. 
  24. do better with following up with open ended inquires (oops)
  25. buy a new lens. 
  26. write more blog posts that don’t include numbered lists 😉 

& a two cute pictures of my favorite nephew EVER! <3 <3