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February 7, 2017

10 Not-So-Common Things I Can’t Live Without | Personal Post

Wow. I haven’t been actively posting here. Which was definitely one of my goals for the 2017 off season. I have loads of content up on the calendar but find myself just shifting the dates and pushing off writing. Tsk tsk, Cait. Content is the hardest part so I’m really not sure what’s going on. Anyway, I just got home from a 2 1/2 week hiatus in Asheville, NC nannying/watching my oh so adorable nephew! The first week back always has me in productivity mode so let’s do this! 

We all have those things we can live without.

  1. Apple Watch + Time Porter Case: If you have an Apple watch you know how ridiculously long the dang charger cord is.. I got one of these for Christmas and I’ve been obsessed with it. It’s perfect for travel, keeps the cord adjustable, and can store all your extra bands! Win win win! 
  2. Anastasia Brow Pencil: Fun fact! My eyebrows are so blonde that you can’t see them unless I spend 5 minutes penciling them in. Mascara was always my “ride or die” makeup piece but this pencil has aced that 10 fold. 
  3. Ray Ban Aviators: Chances are if it’s cloudy, I’m still wearing these. I have super light sensitive eyes & these are my favorite.
  4. Louis Vuitton Purse: I’ve been a purse girl since I got a heart covered Dooney & Bourke bag when I was a teeny bopper.. But I HATE changing bags every couple of months/coughyearscough. So last February I made the investment and it’s been SO worth it. It’s stupid expensive, I know! But I saved up my pretty pennies and it’s the only bag I’ve carried all year. 
  5. Yeti 30 oz Rambler: I like water, a real lot. It’s not uncommon that I drink 90oz of water in a day… I also find my water intake is up if it’s out of a straw. 
  6. Pure Barre: Duh 😉 
  7. Spektrum Computer Glasses: aka any reason to make me believe I need to wear cute specs 😉 – These cut out the blue light from the computers/phones. Not so good for editing but good for emailing and other computer/phone related tasks. 
  8. My Pillow: Yep, that lame infomercial that’s on at 11:30pm? That pillow is my JAM. 
  9. Almay Smart Shade (Anti Aging): I like my freckles and I dislike heavy foundations. This gives me the perfect coverage but let’s my face look natural.  
  10. Simplified Planner: It’s no secret that I prefer paper. I have a hard time reading on a kindle because nothing beats a book.. So I still use a trusty old school planner.