March 9, 2017

My Newest Prized Possession | DIY for the Pet Obsessed Owner


Do I have a healthy obsession with my dog? Probably not. I, along with the mindset of most pet owners, think mine is the best. Even though he’s stinky, he’s still the cutest. Being that he’s an English Bulldog, he’s kind of useless though. 14 minute walks is his cardio goal (with 15 being the max) and if it’s too hot, too cold, snowing, or raining he just isn’t having it. He toots, hogs the bed, and I firmly believe he has sleep apnea.. But as he sits at my feet making pterodactyl noises I can’t help but love every inch of his squishy burrito self. He’s not fluffy or really fun to pet.. BUT he’s got the kindest eyes and the way he tucks his paw under his jaw while he sleeps is adorable. 

So when I was decorating my bedroom. The one room in my apartment that has looked like a bachelor pad since I moved in. I wanted to do a gallery wall above my new bed.. Pondering over print ideas and what direction I wanted to take it. I knew I wanted a smish smash of things. That’s when I stumbled across this idea on a Facebook photographer group (I really wish I could credit the idea to the source) & I was obsessed. This super simple, super cute print means so much to me now & I only know 10 years from now it’ll mean more. 

Armed with card stock, an ink pad, and my dogs paw I whipped up this little beauty. Super simple, super meaningful, & I almost wanted to hang it in my living room. I love it so much. 

And an image of my sleeping baby for good measure 😉