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May 30, 2017

Stacy & Ercan | A Riviera Maya, Mexico Wedding at the Barcelo Maya Palace

I’ve been sitting here staring at a blank curser for far too long. Trying to articulate exactly how I feel about this day, this adventure, their love, and their families. As I start typing what I think will capture what I feel I’m left with a sentence that feels extremely lackluster. So let’s just go ahead and call this what it is, a love letter. Starting with the two this post is all about,

Stacy & Ercan – Your love is the real deal. Your realness, warmth, and compassion is just some of the things to adore about you two. From the get go, you’ve made me feel like an old friend. A friend that has known you two for forever & I believe it’s your personable personalities and warmth that does this. You seem to do that with anyone around you. You make them feel important, heard, and loved. This is not the traits everyone has, it’s the lucky few, & you two.. You have it. From the very bottom of my heart I thank you. I thank you for giving me this opportunity. I thank you for being my friends. I thank you for it all.

Eddie & Debbie (Stacy’s parents) – Man oh man. Where do I begin with you two? From the get go you made me feel included. It was one of the first days of the trip. A majority of the group went fishing, and I bumped into Debbie grabbing a drink. We ended up spending our day together. For two individuals that just met the day before in the airport, you’d think it would have been slightly awkward. But instead, it felt like I was hanging with my own momma for the day. I’ll forever hold how I felt that day closely. Then there was you Eddie, discussing dinner reservations & I got tossed into the mix. Not wanting to feel like I was imposing or hanging too closely, you said, “you’re a part of the family this week.” – Those two instances are just a blip on the radar of how I’ll forever cherish you two.

Kayla & Sean (Stacy’s brother & Sister-in-law) – From the get go I felt like old friends (the type with deep roots) with you two. Which doesn’t surprise me as anyone related to this family encompasses just that. Part of me expected Stacy & Ercan’s family to be similar to them but I never really fully expected them to be as amazing as you two are. Thank you for making me feel like one of the siblings.

Servet & Adnan (Ercan’s parents) – We didn’t get to spend too much time together but from what we did, I thank you. Your warmth, love, and excitement for your son shinned through so much. Watching you two dance your way across the dance floor just encompassed so much thrill & made me realize that dancing through life is the best way to celebrate. 

Everyone else (aka their amazing friends) – It’s not always easy crashing into a close knit of individuals. Sometimes us vendors are greeted and forgot about (in the best way possible) and then there are you guys.. You greeted, accepted, welcomed, and made me feel a part of the clan. I NEVER, not once, felt like an outsider or unwelcome. For a whole week, I felt like I’ve known you all for years. I truly can’t even begin to thank you enough for it. 

Alright. Time for the pretty photos, amiright? 😉 ENJOY. 

Stacy is one lucky lady. 

It was tsunami-ing outside during these portraits. Hotel lobby for the win 🙂