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September 14, 2017

Brain Dump | Personal Post

I did a little bit of a brain dump on Instagram and you know what? It felt really, really good. In an effort to bring a little more personal postings to the blog I figured I’d continue it here. Our Rising Tide Society meeting this month, was all about creative risk taking. Well our speaker also talked about unloading your brain often. It’s clears it out, getting all those crazy thoughts out onto paper (or a digital blog post) and gives you a fresh slate. So, let’s get onto it shall we. Hopefully this post doesn’t turn strange.. 

  • Did you know that there are an active 25-50 serial killers at all times in the U.S.?? That might seem morbid, but as someone who is binging Criminal Minds, I fell down the Wiki Rabbit Hole the other night. WELP, we’re off to a great start.
  • Isn’t it SO strange that we put, sometimes SUPER personal details, out into the world where it’ll stay FOREVER? Like, that stuff ain’t going anywhere.
  • I firmly believe society will eventually say, “whoa. enough is enough” (in regards to the last bullet) & step back from it all. Maybe not flip phone step back, but I think we’ll eventually put the phones down and the “cool” thing will be to live life like it was in the 90s (I won’t even be mad).
  • Speaking of social media. FB new search bar drives me bonkers. You ain’t google. It feels so complicated now. 
  • Still on the social media train. I deleted FB from my phone (& logged out of it on Safari because I’m sneaky like that) & it’s been amazing. Granted I still have access on my computer, but minimizing the distraction on my phone has been pretty lovely.
  • Trader Joe’s is MY FAVORITE PLACE ON THE PLANET. That’s dramatic, but it’s for real a single gal who dislikes cooking dream land.
  • Their cauliflower pizza is my favorite.
  • & their mac & cheese.
  • & their golden “oreos”
  • Quarterly taxes are what nightmares are made of.
  • I’m in love with this new Ikea duvet. Semi-masculine & pretty nice for the price.
  • Hollywood needs to put out some good rom-coms.
  • At this rate, my ankle is never going to heal. Pure Barre & daily walks are going to kill me.
  • I’m trying to convince myself to like tomatoes. It’s semi-working.
  • I start my Crisis Text Line Counselor training next week and I’m SUPER nervous. 
  • But I’m also REALLY excited.
  • Harry Styles’ new album is SO good.
  • Minus, “Sign of the Times” – Radio ruined that one for me.
  • I miss driving (growing up in the middle of nowhere will do that).
  • BUT I have an hour drive up and around the lake that I do when I feel “itchy”.
  • This is the BEST smelling shampoo & conditioner that ever exists.

This was probably horribly boring.. But my life isn’t all that exciting. How many times can I truly write about Otto?? (hint: the limit does not exist! bonus hint: Mean Girl quotes never get old)! Happy Thursday beautfiul people!