January 30, 2018

How I Plan Content | For Business Owners Series

For Photographers

I will be upfront and say I haven’t always been the greatest with consistent content creation. Stemming back to my teaching days, I used to impatiently tap my pencil against at the miniature table in my miniature table trying to lesson plan. I’m an “in the moment” girl. My (to me) best ideas come at obscure hours under a time crunch. I’ve always done best at working under pressure (I’m looking at you 6th grade DNA project) so prepping things ahead can be really frustrating.

I know social media algorithms are changing once again and I know that’s scary for a lot of business owners (myself included). It always seems like just when you get a grip on that side of your business, things change again. It’s frustrating and disheartening but like I’ve mentioned before… I always knew the magical land of social media for business owners was going to change. As a “normal human” aka not a business owner, I believe we NEED to step away from social media. Putting your highlight real out into the open & constantly being obsessed (sometimes to an unhealthy standard) with someone else’s is a small piece of the world I hope will change.

Oooo I just went off on a bit of a tangent. Time to focus back around, yo.

Anyway, For a little under 2 months I’ve been working on a “content calendar”. I work on it about a week in advanced. Working only a week ahead keeps it feeling in the moment for me and keeps the task less daunting. Working on a whole month at a time would (& has) made me overwhelmed. I’ve started different processes via different platforms and this one has consistency worked for me… SO I figured I’d share.

I know some gurus say to “stick to 4 stories & repeat” and I more or less do but remembering that this is YOUR platform and YOUR voice. I am notorious for falling into the “but my life isn’t that exciting” hole so I just write what my heart desires. Scheduling in “NO SOCIAL MEDIA” days is really helpful as it doesn’t leave me feeling scrambly when I have nothing to post (& in all honesty, I SO look forward to those days). 

I use Google Calendar for ALL THE THINGS. This is just my content calendar but on the side I track everything from bills to food. Being able to only “see” certain calendars helps me focus and it to not feel too sloppy. 

So from there I use a google document to write out captions by date. It’s split by month so that the document doesn’t get to big. My favorite part about google docs is that I have the app on my phone which makes editing/copy pasting super simple and easy.

Happy happy Tuesday friends! xo