October 26, 2018

Kelly & Joel | A Late October Engagement Session at Indian Lake


I walked away from my session with Kelly & Joel SO inspired. During our consult together I made a mental note about how positive, outgoing, and excited they both were. That excitement wasn’t limited just to our meeting together & in all honesty, I’m not surprised. These two are so unbelievably radiant and I’m SO dang excited for their wedding already.

We wandered Indian Lake Park in Cross Plains together talking about everything under the sun. It’s sessions like theirs that truly lights my fire. Not that I EVER question my career choice, but it’s people like Kelly & Joel that really solidify how much I love it.

You’ll notice there are TWO black and white images. We all know I love color around here but I do love a good black and white. While editing my favorites for this post, I just couldn’t pull the color out. These images are so vibrant and I’m SO in love with them.