October 6, 2018

Rebecca & Tyler | A Memorial Union and Lakeshore Path Engagement Session


In their instagram sneak peek I expressed how our evening together didn’t even feel like work. That we laughed, chatted, and cracked jokes with each other. It is still ringing so true in my mind that I felt like I had to say it again. These two are SO fun to be around. They met through mutual friends at UW and I just know that there wedding is going to be a blast.

I was expressing to Rebecca that oddly enough, the brides that I book each season have very similar personalities. Like if I had the chance to get them all in the same room together (along with their grooms) I know they’d all be friends. The 2019 couples are proving to be some of my most favorite yet. They’re vivaciously joyful, personable, and each couple feels like a long lost besties. Rebecca & Tyler fit into that 110%.

I can’t WAIT for your big day. See you SOON (because it’ll be here before we know it! YAY)