November 1, 2018

Anne & Emmett | A Vilas Park Engagement Session in Late Autumn


Okay. I know I should be talking about their engagement session but I seriously can’t WAIT for Anne & Emmett’s wedding. It’s going to be intimate and unique and 110% up my alley and I’m anxiously awaiting August 16th.

I always love when couples stick it to the “norm” and do something that makes them happy. A wedding day is about you and your love after all so if that means having only 50-60 people & female “groomsmen” then you do you. I feel like couples are quickly realizing this and it makes my heart SO unbelievably happy.

We met up at Vila’s Park and exchanged warm hugs. The weather was absolutely perfect and these two giggled their way through their session. My favorite kind of people. I loved our time together and these two are total naturals. I think they’re going to make one BEAUTIFUL bride & groom!