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November 20, 2018

Julia & Ryan | A Vilas Park Cozy Winter Engagement Session

I’m SO unbelievably excited to be sharing Julia & Ryan’s engagement session. From the header up there ^, you can tell that’s it’s a snow filled session.. If you’ve known me for any length of time you know how much I LOVE winter so having a sprinkle of fresh snow was so magical!

Julia and Ryan live in downtown Chicago and made the trek all the way up to Madison this past weekend. We wandered Vilas Parking and in our short time together I just adore these two! They’re foodies (SCORE) and big family people (SCORE AGAIN). I feel SO lucky to have these two on the 2019 calendar and can not WAIT for their day!!

I’m yelling a lot in this post but is there really any other way to get across excitement in text? Using exclamation marks just doesn’t cut it for me 😉

So I’m going to leave you with their beautiful session. The weather and light was so beautiful and I’m really excited about these photos.