February 6, 2018

Life Lately | Personal Post


I know I haven’t done a life lately in a hot second. I used to do them consistently but as I’ve explained somewhere before (no idea where.. Instagram maybe?) as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten a lot bit more private. It’s a tricky balance of letting people into your life but also realizing that you’re allowed to have a personal life without the whole world knowing.

Anyway, I’m feeling tangent-ee so I’m going to go ahead and put a stop on that and get onto what’s been going on with me lately.. So let’s do this…

PS. I can’t promise that you’ll leave this post with any sort of FOMO so no worries there.

01. This winter has kinda sucked for snow but has been pretty good for skiing. I’m a fair-weather skier. I won’t go if it’s too cold, too windy, at night, or if it’s too warm (because snow). But I have been out three times already which is more then I’ve gone the last few years. Once at Cascade & then I was informed that Tryol Basin has some AWESOME midweek deals and that’s where I’ve been hanging. Bonus: It’s only like 32 minutes from my house.

02. Otto is officially 8 and my worry about him hasn’t subsided at all. The other night I woke up out of a dead sleep and thought he was dead. His mean mug peering back at me in the dark proved that he wasn’t.

03. I’m still consistently hitting the gym. Pure Barre roughly 5-6 days a week and Planet Fitness for a brisk mall walker walk 4-5 days a week. I don’t know how people with actual full time office jobs work out regularly. It’s hard enough as is working from home. & yes, I still eat like a 13 year old. #cerealisLIFE

04. Dating in 2018 is HORRENDOUS. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

05. I just finished the whole series of Criminal Minds & Shameless on Netflix and I’m 110% sure I’m going to die of boredom. I have no idea what to watch next and I’m fully aware this is a first world problem.

06. I got an Amazon Alexa for Christmas and bought the Phillips Smart Bulbs. Telling Alexa to turn the lights off at night is seriously SO freaking cool. It’s the little things in life.

07. I’m going to my brothers house in North Carolina in March and I’m SO excited. Escaping the last bit of the cold and getting baby snuggles? Yes. Please.

Okay.. I guess we’re capping it at 7. I’ve sat here for 15 minutes staring at a blinking cursor and realized that’s all I’ve got! Happy Tuesday you beautiful people.