April 17, 2018

Adam & Claire | Proposal in Blanchardville, WI


Adam first appeared in my inbox on February 16th excitedly sharing his plan for proposing to his girlfriend, Claire at the Circle M Farm in Blanchardville, Wisconsin. Being from Chicago, Adam was planning this all remotely. Orchestrating a weekend for Claire that would include a proposal, dinner at a quaint restaurant in Mineral Point, and a relaxing time away from the city.

Upon arriving at the farm, the weather was less then ideal. Fortunately for us, after our walk through in March, we had a couple of backups to the “main” proposal spot. I was sitting in my car at a nearby church ready to trudge through a field & it started torrentially down pouring. With about 13ish minutes to spare I made the quick decision to go with our rain plan… SO after making the quick drive to the house, jetted inside, and quickly got ready for their arrival. I’d be lying if I said I had zero stress. I mean, would there be ANYTHING worse then busting a proposal or worse… Missing it? AH.

But, long story short it went perfectly! Adam proposed and Claire said YES! It was seriously such a joy working with Adam and getting to meet Claire. After the big moment, we wandered the property for some images and I’m obsessed! I mean, you would have never known that it was drizzly, cold, and April! Ha!

Congratulations again, Claire & Adam! So excited for you both and thank you again for letting me document this big moment for you two!