January 15, 2019

2018 in Review | Favorite Details


While you’re photographing a wedding it’s obvious to see that’s beautiful. The florals, the dress, the perfectly picked shoes, and tailored suits. The escort cards and not a chair out of place. It’s obvious that I’m absolutely surrounded by beauty. However, putting together today’s post made me realize just how beautiful each and every wedding was. Seeing all of my favorite detail shots come together just makes it come full circle. It’s hard to articulate exactly what I’m trying to say right now but just know, I am in awe of the gorgeousness that was 2018. I had a small but mighty group but they did not disappoint.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because let’s be real, you’re here for the photos. Coming up next will be my favorite portraits. Doing a bit of a spin on it this year so make sure to come check that out SOON!

If you’re planning a wedding, today’s blog post is definitely full of all sorts of eye candy! If you see something you LOVE and most definitely have to have it a part of your wedding please email me. I can get the vendor information for you and send it your way! Even if you’re not a Caynay Bride <3