October 25, 2019

Kate & Dan | An Autumnal Engagement Session at Picnic Point in Madison, Wisconsin


To say that I’m excited about today’s engagement session is an understatement. I sat in the parking lot of Picnic Point waiting for Kate & Dan to arrive. Notoriously early for everything, I couldn’t help but be irritated that our 10% chance of rain was blatantly ignoring the weather man and sprinkling down onto my windshield. I’ll be honest, it takes a lot to get me frustrated but incorrect forecasts is a sure fire way to leave me feeling spicy.

It was when Kate stepped out of the care that all my spiciness disappeared. We giggled at the “of course it would rain” nature & decided that we would make the best out of it. That response right there is such a dream statement. No stress about the hair or makeup (which of course she had professionally done) & the willingness to still create something pretty without the company of the sun.

Dan compliments Kate so unbelievably well. One of my favorite things about our time together was Dan’s giggle. Without fail, in any pose, there it was and honestly it made the session so fun. Engagement sessions are WEIRD but these two soaked up our time together and I honestly can not WAIT for their wedding day.

Okay, I’ve rambled on enough about how much I love these two. Is it obvious? Because I honestly truly do.