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October 29, 2019

Kristen & Andy | A Late Fall Engagement Session at Scuppernong Trail in Dousman, Wisconsin

In their instagram sneak peek I talked about how when Andy & Kristen got engaged, she went to Andy and stated that she already had a photographer picked out.. & if that photographer was already booked for their day that they would pick a new date.

That photographer is me & I have to say, this is the ultimate level of flattery that ANYONE could EVER give me. You see, I photographed Kristen & her family (mom, grandma, & brother) in 2015 near Milwaukee. We wandered that park together and soaked up some beautiful light. When Kristen’s name popped up in my inbox I was so unbelievably excited. Her and Andy (who I obviously hadn’t met) had gotten engaged and they wanted me to celebrate the day with them.

It’s so fun how things work out sometimes. How a family session way back when would come right back around into a wedding client. Getting to meet Andy (who is absolutely perfect for Kristen) has me extra excited for their day. It was so great getting to hang with Kristen & Andy last week and I’m thrilled that you’re getting to see those shots! YAY