December 27, 2019

2020 Wedding Planner & Guide Magazine Feature


As a digital photographer who delivers a digital product who blogs and instagrams and shares digital work it isn’t often that I get to see my work in tangible form. Sometimes I’ll get a photo text from a bride of a beautifully displayed gallery wall or a huge print hanging above a fireplace and while that takes my breath away, nothing beats seeing something in person. Last year I had a wedding featured in the real wedding section of the Wedding Planner & Guide and I was absolutely BLOWN away. My first ever in print feature and I couldn’t believe I hit that milestone in my business. A dream that I had tucked away in the deepest part of my heart. Those desires never getting to see daylight as the fear of failure constantly loomed above me.

Before I wrote this post, I reflected on last years write up where I talked about my definition of success and the fear of failure. While I have grown in the last year, I still struggle with those same exact thoughts. The milestones and goals that I thought would make me feel like a “real photographer” (whatever that means) or the fact that I believe there isn’t one monumental thing that will make anyone feel like they’re successful or have truly made it. Success has a way of morphing itself, kind of like a chameleon matching its surroundings. It moves and shifts and adapts to your new dreams and desires. All while pushing you outside of your box and forcing you to drive forward.

That’s a lot of mumblings to say that I am so unbelievably THRILLED to be sharing my 2020 feature in the Wedding Planner & Guide with you all today. I don’t usually blog on Fridays and this late in the afternoon but I just couldn’t wait to get this published! Have a beautiful weekend!

& there is a VERY boop-able nose in two of these images. This critter of mine is never far and I adore him so much for it.

Wedding Planner & Guide Digital Magazine

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