February 21, 2019

2019 Editors’ Choice Awards | Two Bright Lights Winner

For Photographers

Yesterday I spent the day getting my ducks in a row for the lovely tax season. Drowning in numbers and promising myself to have better organization this year (sure sure, Cait. That’ll last 3 months). I’ve always had an aversion to numbers. It isn’t hard for me to remember the anxiety and fear that went along with time tables in elementary school. How frustrated I felt in college spending hours at the tutor center, all to barely pass my exams. Even though I pay good money (WORTH IT) for someone to handle the important side of running my business, I was about to go crazy. Feeling anxious and drained of all my creative energy when my watch pinged with an email I never saw coming.

I was a 2019 winner of the Two Bright Lights Editor’ Choice Award.


But than something annoying happened.. I found my mind saying things like, “I’m sure everyone gets one of these”, “you really didn’t submit that much. why would you win?” & “Is there a promotional code at the bottom of this thing?” But there wasn’t and I dove a little deeper to find out I’m amongst the 1% of users that got awarded this.. Out of 50K individuals and one was me? Happy dance commencing.

Then I got to think about what those hard days of running a business look like. How sometimes (or maybe a lot of the time) we’re all out here just trying to convince everyone we know what we’re doing. Those days where you feel like you’re “faking it till you make it” and the days where you’re riding real high. Entrepreneurship (or whatever you’re pushing against) is HARD but these little wins, like this one make that fight completely worth it.

Yesterday was a hard day laced with a little bit of a win. A win that sometimes overtakes the internet where it feels like you’re the only one not winning. Seeing the highlight reels. The bits of life that are beautiful and instagram worthy and fun. Sometimes those hard and sticky times aren’t shared because they’re well.. Hard and sticky. Why am I rattling on? I’m not sure. I guess I feel a little weird sometimes sharing these “wins” because I KNOW those days where it feels like everyone else around you is winning.. But amongst those hard days are the bright and shiny ones. Your bright and shiny is coming.