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March 19, 2019

Amanda & Mike | An Early Spring Engagement Session in Madison, Wisconsin

It’s without fail that when I walk away from a session that I already start drumming up the blog post in my head. Photos that will pair nicely together, the words I’ll say, the images that will stick out to me as “favorites” (not always right on those by the way). But it was when Amanda shared an image from our evening together on her instagram that her sentiments took over all of my ideas. Her words were so sweet (& relatable) that I wanted to share them here,

I felt pretty content when I was single and living by myself. But sometimes there were little things that made me think it would be nice to have a partner. One of those things was folding sheets. It’s just harder to do by yourself, especially if you have dinky t-Rex arms. So the first time Mike helped me fold a sheet, I was really in my feelings. (He was like ). Mike, I love you for so many big reasons but also for all the little things. Thanks for being the best partner ever.

Could that seriously BE any cuter? Hint: Nope. I knew within the first couple of emails that I would really really like Amanda. Our thread quickly became more about life & bonding over our golden doodles (& their oh-so-mischievous-antics) . Just from our conversation, I knew Mike was going to be one wonderful individual. I was 110% correct. These two are two peas in a pod my friends. The real deal & I am so dang excited to be sharing their engagement session with you today.