March 5, 2019

Lisa & Tom | A Late Winter Engagement Session at The Memorial Union


Lisa & Tom live in California so when we met up for their engagement session last Friday, Tom said that he forgot just how cold 25 degrees actually is. Lucky for us, there was no breeze coming off the lake so while it was quite chilly it definitely could have been worse. These two were so unbelievably fun to hang out with. I feel like I type out that sentence after everyone one of these but I truly mean it. I know every photographer says that they “have the best clients” but I totally feel like I definitely have the best clients.

These two are celebrating their love at The Overture Center and I’m so dang excited to get to work in that natural light heaven. Their day is going to be a little bit unconventional which makes me extra excited. As I’ve said before, it’s your day so celebrate in a way that makes YOU happy.

Can not WAIT for your day you two. It’s going to be a stunning! xx