June 10, 2019

Leah & Kyle | An Iconic Memorial Union Engagement Session in Madison, WI


If Leah & Kyle are any indication of how the 2020 season is going to go… Well then, I’m in for a REAL treat. We met up downtown Madison on Mills street (which is coincidentally Kyle’s last name) so a photo under the street sign was an absolute must. From there we wandered down to the Memorial Union which was JAM packed with people (note: terrace after dark is on Thursdays and it’s a hit). I warned these two that working in front of a ton of people can be a bit overwhelming but these two?! They handled it like modeling champs. It was like we were the only three there and they completely rocked it.

I walked away from our evening together with a full heart and sore cheeks. When we wrapped up, both Leah & Kyle exclaimed that their session was so much fun and way more relaxed than they had anticipated. I don’t know about you, but that is the BIGGEST compliment anyone could give me. Granted Leah & Kyle made my job so unbelievably easy but having our time together be relaxed and fun made my day.

I’m SO dang excited for you to be seeing their engagement session. Enjoy the sun filled awesomeness! xx