September 20, 2019

Savannah & Cody | A Downtown Madison Engagement Session at Period Park & the Capitol


I noticed a few things while editing Savannah & Cody’s engagement session..

  1. Their faces perfectly fit together when going forehead to forehead. Like two puzzles pieces & I couldn’t help but smile every time I saw it.

  2. The way Cody gazes at Savannah would make anyone stop dead in their tracks.

  3. I’m delivering a TON & I mean a TON of images. These two were total naturals and I can’t wait for their wedding day.

I don’t know about you, but all three of those are big ol’ wins in my book. Savannah & Cody were total pros at this engagement session thing. I always joke that for the first half hour it’ll be awkward because truth be told, it kind of is. For the most part, people aren’t used to putting their noses together while someone has a camera in your face. I’m actually convinced that these two model on the side & I hardly had to coach. It was SUCH a fun evening and I am so unbelievably happy that I’m getting the chance to work with these two.