March 4, 2020

Sara & Kevin | A Cozy End of Winter Engagement Session in Madison, Wisconsin


This warmer weather has me feeling all sorts of ways & one of those ways is being exceptionally excited for wedding season. As the days tick on, I get closer to being surrounded by an overabundance of JOY on a weekly basis. Sara & Kevin’s wedding is going to leave me feeling all sorts of ways.. As their engagement session gave me such a beautiful glimpse into who they are as a couple.

We wandered Turville Park, which I totally have always called John Nolen Park (because it is off of John Nolen Drive) but the other half of it is called Olin Park so who knows! Ha! These two are skiers and had their first date at Lakeside Street Coffee House on their broken in caramel colored leather couch. While the sun was pretty dang warm, we missed the unusually warm weather by 24 hours. Even with it being chillier, these two were so unbelievably fun to hang out & I can not WAIT for their big day.