July 27, 2020

Maggie & Jimmy | A Vibrant and Summery Engagement Session at Pheasant Branch Conservatory



Growing up my dad often told me to “not take life too seriously” — That laughing your way through it was the way to go & while I personally strive for this still in my life.. I like working with clients who are easy to laugh, easy to tease each other, and easy to goof off. Maggie & Jimmy are EXACTLY that. They are light hearted, tender, and oh so fun.

It was a bit of a challenge getting to this evening. With rained out dates x3 (or was it twice? I’ve lost count), it felt that we would NEVER get to take their engagement session. I had this vision in my head of how the evening would look. You see, I ride my bike through Pheasant Branch Conservatory often so I’ve seen how great the light can be. I went into our session together with an exact game plan of where I wanted to shoot and at what points in the session I wanted to be at them at. So while it was a bit frustrating waiting on the weather, it ended up being exactly how I envisioned.

A 77 degree evening with a cool breeze and golden sun. I could not have built a better evening if I had tried. I can not WAIT to celebrate these two next August. It’s going to a day full of laughter and love! SO lucky to have these two on my calendar!