August 31, 2020

Maddie & Ben | A Late Summer Engagement Session at Pheasant Branch Conservancy



Maddie & I were chatting the day of their session. With the heat that we experienced last week, the air just felt like a storm was looming. The radar didn’t show much but since these two came in from a hour away & jobs that made scheduling a bit challenging, we wanted to be sure that the squeeze was worth it. Spoiler alert: it was.

We met at one of my favorite locations in Middleton. I’ve you’ve looked at the blog lately, you’ve likely seen it pop up a few times. Pheasant Branch Conservancy is right on the edge of town and has the best views and some of the most beautiful light. Maddie & Ben brought their momma’s with which was extra special. Getting to meet them and hang out has me even more excited (I’m already excited) for their wedding day!

I feel like I could keep talking but honestly, I just want you to meet these two and see their images. I’m OBSESSED (but again, that should be of no surprise).