January 21, 2021

Katie & Bryce | A Powder Blue Wintry Engagement Session at The Jewish Goodman Community Center



To be honest, I’m struggling with some serious writers block the last couple of weeks. Blog posts that have gone unwritten because I stare at a cursor for longer then I care to admit.. & while I don’t feel like writing I do feel like sharing some pretty images with you all. Katie & Bryce reached out wanting “just a couple of images”. They stepped out of the car in their outfits and I just knew. I knew that it was going to be an absolutely stunning session. With perfect temps, beautiful light, and these two babes it was the PERFECT way to spend the afternoon.

These two are getting married in Florida in 2022 and it was truly a honor to grab some photos of them at the beginning of their wedding planning journey. I am OBSESSED with these images and am so dang excited for you to see them. 3..2..1.. LETS go! <3