October 12, 2021

Lindsay & Amber | A Fall Engagement Session at Pheasant Branch Conservatory



I met Lindsay and Amber at a wedding last summer. In the pouring rain, these two danced and from the outside looking in had an amazing connection. I would have thought they were together for years. In sync with one another, laughing, and just an all around closeness about them. During our session last week, I learned that at the time of that wedding they had only been together for a couple of months. I was honestly SO surprised to find that out… but I guess when people are meant to be together, time is just a simple construct.

We met at Pheasant Branch Conservatory and wandered around. With high clouds and changing leaves, it was the perfect evening. We talked about their relationship, wedding plans, and how unbelievably frustrating it is to find or buy a car 😉

I feel truly honored to have photographed their engagement session for them. These two are about as wonderful as they come and I’m wishing them the absolute best for their wedding and their lives! Congratulations you two!