March 25, 2021

Ryan & Nina | An Early Spring Wedding at The Fields Reserve in Stoughton Wisconsin



Ryan and Nina are celebrating their year anniversary just a few days from now.. March 27th to be specific. One of the biggest regrets I have from 2020 is not blogging their wedding when it happened. It’s likely you remember but the world was in a very different place last year at this time. Between closures group restrictions and an overall uncertainty of what was going to happen, I just didn’t feel comfortable sharing.

But that’s exactly what we didn’t need. We didn’t need to hold back on joy, on celebrations, on the good moments because while things felt heavy there was still pockets of happiness. Nina & Ryan’s day was that. It was a burst of light when I needed it and while it was a year ago, I hold this wedding SO very closely. It was the first look into the reality of what the 2020 wedding season would be. Nina & Ryan celebrating their love and showing the ability to adapt and overcome set the total tone for the year. Their perseverance to still see experience and celebrate their love was a core piece to 2020 and I’m so unbelievably thankful for that.

It was a week or so before that I was let in on a little secret, a big group of people were planning to do a drive-thru parade for Nina & Ryan.. Well, Nina & Ryan were the parade. The streets of Dane, Wisconsin were lined with cars and so many of their loved ones. Bridesmaids dressed up in their dresses, balloons, signs of love, it was the most memorable celebration I’ve experienced. One that I hope everyone present remember vividly.

I’m so excited to finally be sharing their wedding and I wish I would have done it sooner BUT posting near their anniversary while Nina is ending her pregnancy seems like the PERFECT time to do it.

See you two for your maternity session SOON! xx