June 16, 2021

We’re getting MARRIED | Wedding Collection Part 1 | Personal



We got engaged on June 5th and honestly, it still gets us giddy when we think about it. I mean, to be expected thought right? I will share the proposal story in full one of these weeks but wanted to do a little introduction for this series. A few days after we got engaged a little seed started growing inside my brain. Did I want to do a good handful blog posts talking about the planning process and where we’re at or did I want to keep it private and then be like “WAH BAM we’re married” after the big day?

As a private person, that seemed like the “normal” option but then I got to thinking.. How FUN would it be to have these posts to reflect on years from now when it’s all over. To remember the little details of the months leading up to our big day.

So here we are.. The Wedding Collection! Catchy right?

The conversation about wedding and engagement started months before the actual day. I have always joked that I am not a goat so did not want marriage or a proposal to be a surprise. We had big conversations about family plans, financial goals and our saving habits, what we both ultimately wanted out of a forever home, what would happen if Philips job took him out of Wisconsin, and what my goals were for my business (& more). While I much appreciate the surprise of spending your lives together, that is just not my vibe.

We knew that between my job and its seasonal calendar taking a few weeks off in June (or a different summer month) was not the smartest move financially. So even before we were engaged we had decided that a winter or late fall wedding would be what we wanted… Which lucky for me is my FAVORITE time of year.

So we decided on November of 2021. As in 5 months from now! YAY

Along with a November wedding, we also decided early on that a small guest list was a must. I’ve seen events as big as 500 and as small as 12 and ultimately hoped for the event to be on the smaller scale. Our families are from all of the US and it’ll be one of the few times we’re all in the same room together so having a more intimate day meant that we got to fully soak up our time together.. Plus use the money for the down payment on a house or an extra awesome honeymoon.

The vibe for the day is intimate, romantic, and elegant. While the guest list will be small, we still wanted the day to feel fully planned out and look like a “normal” wedding. The white dress + the black tux. The centerpieces and the chairs flanking the aisle. The bouquet and the first dances. From start to finish we wanted a traditional day, just small.

I’m SO excited to be launching this series and can’t wait to share more with you all.. Some posts that I have planned are,

Our ceremony location + reception space

Our Dream Team of Vendors

The Overall Vibe + Color Palette

& more!

It’s also safe to say that I am OBSESSED with my engagement ring…