June 8, 2021

Talia & David | A Joyful Engagement Session at Beckman Mill Park in Beloit, Wisconsin



I always get extra EXTRA nervous when I photograph people that I know. My nerves go through the roof and I’m convinced that I’ve forgotten how to do my job. David (the groom) and I went to high school together. Being in the same friend group + being friends meant that I was truly honored when Talia landed in my inbox. We’re from a small town, like graduated with 70 kids small, so when people from that time in my life want me to photograph big moments for them I am always so grateful.

Talia and David’s paths kept crossing.. On dating apps, the time at the bar where we knows he saw her.. It took a bit for these two to finally link up but when they did it was right. Sometimes it’s hard to explain it but some couples just have that extra sparkle. These two have that and I just know that their wedding day is going to be so unbelievably beautiful.