July 20, 2021

THE DREAM TEAM | Wedding Collection Part 2 | Personal

The Wedding Collection


Well, with 2 weeks off from work the blog is going to be unusually quiet this week so I figured what better way to spice it up then with a little wedding update. Everything is coming along beautifully and all of our BIG vendors are locked in. Having a dream team was so unbelievable important to me. As a wedding photographer, having vendors that you believe (or know) will work well together can make your day run even more smoothly. I wholeheartedly believe that the people we have lined up for our day will be besties by the end.. Or so I hope! There is SO much talent in this list and we’re SO dang excited to see how our day is captured and looks due to these people…

Photographer: Katie Shubert Photography

Obviously one of the biggest and most important decisions of our entire wedding day. Having a photographer who I trust and know will do our day justice was SO important to us. I have followed Katie for a while now and we’ve always interacted on each others posts. Our work is super similar and just from following Katie, I know we’d be friends in real life. Katie has been such a joy to work with already and we can not WAIT to do our engagement photos with her soon. Since booking her, she’s been super helpful and quick to respond which is so very appreciated. We are obsessed with every blog post she puts out and can’t wait till it’s our turn!

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Floral Design: Generations Wedding Flowers

Probably our easiest decision ever. Meghan (& Patty) are long time friends of mine! We’ve had the chance to do a bunch of weddings together now and without fail, I am always OBSESSED with their floral work. I trust Meghan 110% and know she’ll create a floral arrangement of my dreams. Her work is always relaxed, organic, and the perfect combination of florals and greenery. I am already anticipating how SAD I’ll be following our day watching my bouquet wilt. Ah! The one stipulation that I had for her was no burgundy. Our colors are dusty blues, creams, greens, and apricot/oranges. I love burgundy but with it being a November wedding, I didn’t want the colors to feel too heavy. She gladly accepted the challenge though 🙂

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Videography: Chaviano Creative

Ah! I found Danielle on Instagram a little bit ago now (not forever though) & was IMMEDIATELY drawn to her work but specifically her editing style on video. It’s bright and vibrant which isn’t a super common editing style for video. I just KNEW that if we had it in our budget to hire a videographer that Danielle was going to have to be our person. Lucky for us Danielle was free and willing to take on our day. I honestly know that whatever she produces from our day will be so well loved.

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Coordinating: Danielle Oler Weddings

I photographed Danielle’s wedding back in 2017 and it’s still one of my all time favorite wedding days. Her day was beautiful and well planned. I honestly wasn’t all that surprised when she announced that she was getting into coordination! Since then we’ve had the chance to work a few weddings together & the days that she’s around are always so smooth! We have a bit of an overlap between our ceremony and when we’re allowed into the reception space and I just KNEW that Danielle would be perfect for the job. She’s detail oriented, personable, and FUN. I totally know she’ll get our reception space set up perfectly & can not WAIT to walk into that room the day of!

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Ceremony Space: The Overture

This is obviously an absolute DREAM come true. The Overture has been forever my favorite venue in the Madison area and I can’t believe Philip and I will get to say our “I do’s” here. The space is absolutely STUNNING and is the perfect space to do portraits + family formals if the weather isn’t ideal.. Which we obviously have a big chance of! Booking them was seamless and we just know that it’ll be such a memorable and stunning portion of our day.

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Wedding from 2018 that I photographed at The Overture. The image on the left is where our Ceremony will take place! EEP!

Wedding from 2018 that I photographed at The Overture. The image on the left is where our Ceremony will take place! EEP!

The Reception: Cento

We’re FOODIES. Like BIG foodies and this was on of our biggest decisions. We knew that with only 25-30 people on the guest list that we could splurge in this area a bit and we’re so glad we did. The catering/party menu had both of us drooling and honestly, we fell in LOVE with their private space. With exposed brick and beautiful glass work it just felt like the perfect space to celebrate. We also LOVED that they are a part of the Food Fight Club! They have been SO easy to work with and have answered all my questions so dang quickly. Really thankful for them already!

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Hospitality: The AC Hotel

Where we’ll be staying the night of the wedding + where our guests will be. The AC Hotel has been really quick to respond and has been more than helpful so far. I’ve had the chance to work a few times within their space for getting ready & portraits and have LOVED it. They also are home to Eno Vino downtown and offer up some of the best views of the Capitol in the city.

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Hair & Makeup: Arch Apothecary

I have KNOWN that I wanted Arch to be the creative team for this portion of the day since 2015. That year I had a bride who was scratched up pretty bad on the neck by her cat the day before the wedding. They did such a great job covering it I believe I only had to photograph it out of TWO images from their ENTIRE day. Since then, I’ve gotten the chance to work with their Madison branch a bunch and am always so blown away. They are incredibly talented and I just know they’ll make me look & feel SO good.

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Dress Boutique: Veras Bridal

Living only 7 minutes from Veras I knew that this had to be my main stop in search of the dress. Turns out it was the only stop and I purchased the second dress I tried on. My momma and I were in and out in an hour & honestly, the only thing I’m sad about is how fast & easy the decision/purchase was. After watching years of Say Yes to The Dress while I was a teen.. I anticipated it to be this big, long, drawn out affair. Prior to your appointment you are requested to fill out a Pinterest style look book & “hearting” everything that you feel drawn too. While the silhouette of my dress is a bit different than I anticipated, the overall fabric + style is what I’ve wanted and envisioned for YEARS. It was such an easy decision and I can’t WAIT to wear it!!

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Alrighty.. I think that’s it for today’s post! That was a real lot so if you’re still with me, high fives! We truly do feel like we’re surrounded by the most TALENTED people and can not wait to see our day unfold!