September 8, 2021

Ryan & Taryn | A Classic Late Summer Wedding at The Edgewater



As I was reading Taryn & Ryan’s wedding questionnaire form, I exceptionally really loved the story of how they met. So I really want it forever documented in their wedding blog post,

While they may have gotten to know one another thanks to the fate of swiping right five days earlier, their first in-person meeting was pure chance. Taryn and Sandy (hi, Maid of Honor!) were on a bar crawl downtown one cold December night, when Tar yn decided to text Ryan to see if he was out. The girls were in the process of leav ing Red Rock Saloon and heading towards Paul’s Club with the rest of the crew.

Moments before they arrived at Paul’s Club, Taryn received a text from Ryan that sa id he was out…at the same bar she was about to walk into. Instead of acting norma l, she grabbed Sandy’s hand and fled to the back of the bar, not making eye contact with a single soul on the way in. Taryn asked for a glass of water at the bar and t ried to calm down. Why did this guy make her so nervous? She’d never met him. He se emed pretty harmless, and yet she had absolutely lost her cool.

They exchanged a series of texts while Taryn hid at the back of the bar with her fr iend. Eventually, she decided that it was time to face her fears and meet this guy. She positioned herself under the lit up tree in Paul’s Club waiting for Ryan to com e over. Then it happened — Taryn saw Ryan approaching, but he wasn’t looking at he r. She got nervous again, thinking that he wouldn’t like what he saw. Impulse took over and she reached out her hand to tap him on the arm as he was about to walk pas t her. All the while, poor Sandy is third-wheeling on this awkward first meeting.

They talk for almost 30 minutes. At one point, Ryan’s friends leave the bar to head down the street to Tiki Shack (RIP), but he stays back with her. Eventually, Taryn and Sandy decide that it’s time to request a rideshare and head home. Ryan waits at the corner with them until their ride shows up. Once it does, he extends his hand f or a handshake. Taryn now thinks that she’s been friend-zoned, so she goes in for a hug to try and turn things around. After she left, they proceeded to text all night until she fell asleep.

As I read that I could feel the nervous energy + the excitement. We’ve all had those first meet up jitters but I think what’s really special here is how chance came into play. Of all the bars downtown Madison (& if you’ve been down there you know there is a lot) what are the chances that these two would end up at the same bar on the same evening? I don’t know about you but it felt like the universe was working in the background for these two.

Their wedding was incredible. While the weather was a bit uncooperative I feel it made their day extra romantic and intimate feeling. Getting to spend the day celebrating these two was truly such a joy!

vendor team:

venue, makeup/hair + catering: the edgewater | wedding coordinator: ela events | florist: reflections of you | videographer: srt films | dj: dance floor heroes | dessert: craigs cake shop | invitation suite: zola | dress designer: lillian west | bridal boutique: veras house of bridals | bridal jewelry: olive + piper | alterations: bridal sewing studio | wedding party attire: birdy grey + indochino | officiant: tom zulewski | jeweler: caroll’s jewelers | rentals: event essentials + cedar & spice | photo booth: oh snap madison