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July 6, 2022

The Delafield Fish Hatchery Session of Morgan & Jaimee

I met up with Morgan & Jaimee at The Delafield Fish Hatchery last Tuesday. A halfway point for the both of us as they live in the Milwaukee area. It was honestly the perfect night for an engagement session. With illuminating light and a gentle breeze. The weather was a warm summer night but not unbearable or sweat inducing.

Truth be told, I could not be more excited for their wedding at Fete of Wales next April. I just know it’s going to be an absolutely incredible day and they’re both going to be so beautiful!

We wandered the Fish Hatchery and soaked up the pretty light. Talking about their jobs, what they like to do for date night, and how they met (& that the first time they met wasn’t the beginning of their relationship). The universe has a fun way of making things happen when they’re made to be.

Engagement sessions are easily one of my favorite things about my job. A low pressure evening filled with pretty pictures and getting to know the love story of a couple. I walked away from our time together with a very full heart and an excitement to get home and edit. I just KNEW we created imagery that was going to fully encompass how I feel about these two. They’re warm, welcoming, easy to talk to, easy to laugh, and totally in love.

Turns out I was right. These images… Oh these images! I am OBSESSED from beginning to end and am so excited to be sharing them. Exceptionally proud of these beauties and I know their wedding day will be the same. Quote me now!

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