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February 2, 2022

The Unplugged Ceremony: Why You Should Consider It!

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Let’s start this off by saying that your wedding day should be a direct reflection of what you want. I simply want to have a discussion on why I think going the unplugged ceremony route is best…

It’s obviously the time for technology & honestly, we’re pretty lucky to have access to tools that make our lives easier and while we (at a lot of times) feel more connected because of our phones, there is also a part of us that misses out because of them. The notification that has pulled you from a conversation. The video that you felt you needed but then walked away feeling like you somehow “missed” out on a moment. The email that made your cup of coffee get cold. As a human with a phone, I frequently experience all of these things. A missed moment of presence and sometimes a longing for simpler times.

This conversation has sort of monopolized the wedding industry for a few years now. The back and forth of if phones are really ruining the moments of a wedding day or if they are making guests feel intertwined with one of the biggest days of our lives. For Philip & I, it was an easy answer. We opted to have no phones at our ceremony and it was something that was very important to me. Beyond wanting our guests to truly soak up our day, there were a few other things that made us feel confident with this decision..

  1. Presence Over Technology: Like I mentioned before, I sometimes fall privy missing out on the in between moments of my life. Just like the next human, my phone can steal my attention at the drop of a hat. We don’t get many moments in our life to just be. To be present, to be fully listening, to feel truly in the moment. We wanted to invite our guests to do that. There is a chance that your guest list was curated with the people you love most. The people who love you & know you. Inviting them to truly soak up your ceremony will make things even more memorable for everyone in attendance.
  2. Unwanted Flash & Noises: I hear it frequently during ceremonies. The buzz of a notification coming through or even worse, the dreaded phone call of a guest who didn’t silence their device. My heart truly shatters in those moments because everyone (& I mean everyone) will be distracted in that moment. Whether it’s in the middle of your vows or a reading from someone you love, being stripped of that focus can truly dampen the moment. Having an unplugged ceremony will only help negate this possibility.
  3. Professional Images: Having guests keep their phones away cleans up your images & ultimately makes them more timeless. It also helps solidify that nothing can potentially ruin a photo during one of the most important moments of your life. There have been a few close calls in my career where phones have made things a bit more challenging for me to forever support a decision in leaving the phones behind.

So how can you go about asking for an unplugged ceremony. There are a few good ways! Include verbiage on your wedding website or in small font on the back of your invite. You can also ask your officiant to give a small announcement before the wedding starts or have a sign displayed out front. While I occasionally still see some rule breakers at unplugged ceremonies, most humans will respect your wishes.

I really don’t think there is a negative to the unplugged ceremony. Ultimately your day will be beautiful regardless!

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