June 22, 2011

now or never.


So, I wanted to start taking snap shots via iphone. I had decided this during my Florida vacation which was at the beginning of this month. Here I am, weeks later, just now sharing. Whoops. Oh well 🙂

Read photos left to right. From top to bottom.

1. Sunset? Canon camera? & a senior who needs his pictures taken? wa-la. picturesque location. 2. What happens when you leave for Florida and leave your favorite Nalgene bottle at work? yeah, you have to buy a new one. boo. 3. Sunset bridge full of yellow wonderfulness and horror stories.

4. Sees Candy? Never heard of it? Go. buy. some. now. 5. New pair of sperry topsiders in a print I have been searching for, for years. & my size is the floor model? sold. 6. Say whatttt? A pink kitchen aid… oh lord, swoon.

7. A day at the beach. This girl isn’t a fan of the Florida ocean. I’ll stick with the Bahamas crystal clear please. 8. Triple the mixer.. triple the party. Jimmy Buffet sure knows how to party. 9. I could live with this view…forever.

10. Extra leg room for a flight..but having to stare at a wall with the jet for my view.. yeah, It’s worth it. 11. This. quote. is. so. true. 12. Apparently I loved this sunset so much I had to put it in the collage twice.

Well there you have it. Florida wrapped up in 12 11 photos via iphone. Happy Wednesday!