July 23, 2011



1. Little random blog post today. I believe in pictures on posts cause everything needs a little eye candy 🙂 I decided to go outside (surprise surprise) and take photos of flowers. I went into my post processing and here I am, stuck between b&w and color.. grr. So, I’ll post both. I blame it on presets I purchased. The b&w is sooo rich looking and just gives it the “umph’ that I look for. But then again, so do the colors.

2.Moving on: I purchased a URL today. So, the blog will no longer have blogspot attached to the name. yay! It will just be caynay.com for $10 a year I justified the purchase. I’m pretty excited about it (I’m easily excited..ha)

3. I have 3 “booked” settings coming up within the next month! I am super excited about it and hopefully everything goes according to plan. It’s really exciting to know that people are enjoying my work and want it for their own! 

eye candy time ; )

                                          Happy Saturday!