September 29, 2011

back ups x3


My computer is terribly bogged down. It’s not a dinosaur nor is it old. It is the house to thousands of images. & not small images. Ginormous RAW images that are making it c.r.a.w.l.l.l.l.l. So today, I decided to back up my images to my HD drive (need to buy another because I filled mine) & put the images on DVD’s. This all turned into a full fledge furry because I could not, for the life of me find Carly’s original files. I had the edits, I had the web ready watermarked images. But could not find the originals. I was freaking. Fortunately (phew) they turned up in their dated album in the events folder of iphoto. Sneaky sneaky iphoto. Crisis averted. 
Anyway, while doing back ups I stumbled across this image from my vacation to Florida in June. I never shared it and thought today was the perfect day. I love the bokeh feel and (even though it’s against the rules of photography) the crooked “horizon” line. Although I’m not typically a fan of purposeful crooked, I like this. I tried to straighten it and I just lost the feel of the image all together. 
Note that the watermark has been changed auhhhhhgain. One of these times I’ll love it enough to not change it. I just can’t decide. Boo. I know, terribly bad for my “branding”.