October 24, 2011

if you like pina coladas…


 Vacation. White beaches, the ocean, a beautiful wedding, and one heck of a family. It was a great week. I’ve been feeling terrible procrastination about the blog. I was anxious to get these photos edited and they have sat on my desktop for over a week now. Tisk Tisk.

I also now look at these pictures and realize the color is a tad bit of an overkill. However, I don’t feel like re-editing them so this is how they will stay.

Other news.. because I feel like rambling and just writing about my life.

1. I am hoping to reach out and possibly land an opportunity to second shoot. So fingers crossed as I dive into that and reach out that someone will take me up on the offer. I’m 100% sure I would do it for free (since my experience is very minimal) but what better way to get a good portfolio base started and get my name out there?!

I am all about careers and life plans in this post.

2. I am trying to land a job on a cruise ship after graduation. Whether it be with the little humans (major is in child development so it seems fitting) or being a photographer, I am super excited. Hoping everything works out and that I can go where I think I want to be taken. However, my brothers smart response today was, “Cait, you know you will have to uh, work, right? Not sunbathe all day”. Oh, I thought that was a profession 😉

On to the photos. Happy Sunday!

Frog legs…Gross.