October 26, 2011

itty bitty


I walked into a camera company store yesterday. It was my first time other than best buy and the target camera/lens collection. I had a more than helpful salesman who pulled a rebel body out and brought out the lens I had been admiring. The lovely 24-70mm is HUGE is on the rebel. Like ridiculous (but I love it) huge. It makes the rebel body look like an itty bitty little thing. The one thing that I know I would like about something so big is I have bigger hands so it would be nice to maneuver.
Going against what I just said. The salesman went on to discuss some of his lenses. I only got a little a lot lost when he was tossing around numbers just like they were normal everyday words. I was proud that I kept up with the lingo and understood for the most part what he was talking about. 
Anyway, he brought out this itty bitty little 50mm 1.8 prime lens. He stated that he used it quite often and for $140 bucks it was a fun lens that would be great for portrait and bokeh (my favorite). My sneaky mother decided to look it up on amazon where I could find it for $100 dollars. Sold. 
I am so excited to get my first prime lens. It will be a little difficult since it will be a fixed length and my feet will have to act as the zoom rather than the twist of a wrist. But I am super excited for the f/1.8. My current lens’ are running at a f/2.8 or above so I’m really excited to get a shallower depth of field (more blur in the background).

So this itty bitty will be arriving on my doorstep tomorrow and I can’t wait! I don’t have class till 5 tomorrow so I will have all day to play around and practice with it. Keep a look out for some images flooding the blog with the new baby : )
Happy Wednesday!