December 3, 2011

A little peculiar…


 First off, I love these little pictures of Cooper dog. Most days, I can’t stand him. His refusal to give kisses, the way he stiffens his legs on your chest to stay as far away as possible, his big obnoxious personality. It is quite humorous to see this little 15 pound critter get a 170 pound saint bernard cornered. But he’s semi cute & his cat like qualities make me giggle. 
Now to the peculiar part.. Notice anything odd about the center image?

For some reason when I photograph the chrismtas tree.. only sometimes. The lights appear to be off.. It’s very strange. The only thing I’ve concluded is they are LED so is it possible they have a flicker faster than what the human eye can see but my camera can? No idea. It’s weird. & quite annoying when I’m trying to take pictures of a pretty lit tree..sigh.
The bottom picture is nothing special. It is simply shown for the weirdness of the lights.