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December 19, 2011

a random tangent via iphone-ography

Really? Because a singing snowman holding a plunger is the perfect holiday decor. Don’t get me wrong, if you have it then that’s great..Whatever floats your boat. I know I would just be a little unsettled with something like this : )
I am a sucker for good customer service. Teavana has GREAT customer service. Like I will forever buy tea from them because it’s so good. I had an issue with my container, so I swung into the store to see if they had a remedy for it. They not only supplied me with a new container free of charge but also a pipping cup of hot tea in my favorite flavor… So, straight home I went & sent an email to corporate telling them how awesome their store was.. What do I receive in the mail? 4 free OZ. of tea! Overjoyed. High five Teavana! 
Starbucks & William-Sonoma catalog.. No words necessary!
We finally got snow in this Northern Illinois town. About 17 days later than I wanted. Glee Christmas album has been on repeat & playing for the past 24 hours. In. Love.
Who has the best egg rolls ever? Chop Suey Hut has them that’s who. And they are remarkable. YUM! Successfully made chicken alfredo the other night.. Didn’t get sick from uncooked chicken in my book so that was a success.
There really are no words for this dogs cuteness. & his hysterical sticky out tongue referred to as a “tippy” in the bulldog world. For the record, he was passed out and snoring here.

Fitness & I do not get along. Oh no we don’t. This girl get shin splints up the ying yang. I have tried every other brand of gym shoes except these bad boys so we’ll see how they do. Fingers crossed they work well. Two days into operation get skinny and no sign of death in the shins. What am I using for operation get skinny? They lovely Nike  Training app via iphone. It’s amazingly versatile in it’s workouts but the girls like the one pictured get my butt working out. 
Happy Monday!