March 3, 2012

A new “about me” & the importance of clearing your computer.


I have a Macbook. & I was running at max capacity. & I didn’t even realize it. I had to close everything before opening photoshop. But it had been functioning that way for so long that I hardly thought anything of it. The other night, while cruising amazon, I found a terabyte hard drive for an insanely good price. Yesterday I spent the entire evening moving everything from my computer to the hard drive (about 12,000 photos). I am now running with almost all availability & let me tell you.. HOLY COW it’s quick. I can now listen to music & edit photos (crazy for me..seriously). My computer was also so bogged down that my volume wouldn’t change.. I was about to move back to Microsoft – HA! Pure sarcasm 🙂

Anyway, the point that I’m trying to get across is clear your computers. Back up your files. You feel invincible but things happen, computers crash, & precious images can be lost. I feel like I’m operating on a brand new computer again and it’s wonderful.

With that being said, I decided to use my new computer to do a little design for my “about me” section. What was produced wasn’t what I really had in mind but I love it. With my Bamboo Capture in hand (which I adore but was hardly using cause of the slowness..Sorry dad!) was now smoothly and operating beautifully. I’m still new to the design thing & designing in photoshop is a little difficult but it works! It’s a little rough around the edges so don’t judge completely 🙂