March 27, 2012

Oh for the Love of Design…


It was my junior year of high school & I was working on the yearbook/newspaper layout design. I learned a lot. A real lot about lines, spacing, placing things. That’s when I realized I enjoyed and loved designing anything. I spend a lot of time doing weird little projects like this. Just because I enjoy it. 
I started designing my business cards a few nights ago. I tossed ideas, I pondered layout. I wanted something with images and something to display my branding. If you haven’t noticed already my branding colors are teal, mustard, and white. I try to build things around those colors. So from my business cards to the CD cases clients receive, these are the colors used. 
I first came up with this design. But something just wasn’t sitting right with me. It had my colors, it had images, but I just wasn’t sold. 
I figured out what wasn’t rubbing me right was the vertical and the horizontal line cross. It was lovely to realize why the design wasn’t sitting right with me. & that’s exactly why it wasn’t. It also was the negative space on the bottom corners. Negative space can be crucial and necessary but I just didn’t know what to do with it. 
I shut the computer. I moved on and decided instead of becoming frustrated with myself to come back to it. I let a night go by, I slept on the idea while dreaming of business cards and layout. I’m happy I did. 
Now, I don’t know much about the correct way to design something, I don’t go to school for it so everything I’ve learned is either self taught or things I’ve concluded on my own from failed designs. The design below made the final cut. The clean vertical lines and the symmetry of the images. It’s what I wanted.
Anyone can design business cards. Whether you are working in Microsoft Paint or CS5, just open up a blank document scaled to the typical business card and design away. 

I placed my order with vista print so for $10.63 so I will be receiving 250 business cards on my doorstep in 14 days.  I will definitely be blogging on their quality and if the cards get here in a timely fashion. I will say that their website is a tad bit annoying. They try to up sell you on everything from magnets, car decals, mugs, bags, and anything with your design. They actually defaulted me on having return address labels in my cart that put me up over $20.00 so I wasn’t too happy.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope the weekend treated you all well!