April 2, 2012

Oh the Eyes..


Mr. Otto Bug went through surgery last week. It is common amongst English Bulldogs that their eye lids roll inwards. So, he was having his eye lashes constantly in his eyes causing him discomfort (I can only imagine how it would feel) and watery eyes. This babe is already doing so well after his eye lift. He is just as adorable and seems to be quite happy.
I wanted to capture his little stitches. Which remind me of those poor critters that get poked with porcupines. I also wanted to share my little clone job in before and afters. Please don’t judge my socks and slippers.. I will fully regret this once I publish. HA! 
In this first photo I was holding a piece of mulch making him think it was a treat. I’m such a mean person! But look at how pretty he was sitting!